“There’s a husky note of regret in Aubrey Eisenman’s vocal. “What they don’t know is we got us a spark / take off our clothes and swim in the dark,” she sings on “Prisoner’s Wife,” a song whose vexed narrative is darkly romantic. The waltzing melody adds to that, but it’s Aubrey’s delivery — stoic and close to the mic, with the hint of a sob at the end each line. If her voice isn’t completely familiar, tone- and style-wise, it only takes half a song to understand her aptitude as a front woman.

Aubrey (bass and vocals), Justin Eisenman (guitar and vocals) and Drew Matiluch (mandolin) make up the country duo The Clydes. From the opening notes of their debut album, Rattlesnake Lodge, they establish themselves as storytellers, composers of redolent scores and skilled singers of duets.” Read More »